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Andrea Horwath had brilliantly described our climate crisis to feeling as though she were 10 metres away from a cliff, each year becoming 1 metre closer until she, and us all with her, inevitably fall off. Though if I may add to that analogy, imagine a large uphill climb on the opposing side of that cliff; meaning that even while the cliffside crumbles and edges towards us, there is still hope to avoid that fate. We cannot make that uphill climb by breaking bold promises, or by actively moving in the wrong direction. We must take bold action to make it possible. We must end fossil fuel subsidies, ban single use plastics, make electric vehicles far more affordable, and train hundreds of thousands of Canadians to retrofit our buildings into energy efficiency. We do this while moving towards the conservation of the environment across the country and within local communities. All while finally giving Indigenous people a say in the matter. That is the NDP platform; one which I am proud to fight for, and hope to represent.