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Modern Suffragette



Gallery #1: B Contemporary Gallery

226 James St. N, Hamilon


1. Is this your first show?
My first theatre show was in 1956. It was “Aladdin" at the King’s Theatre. I may have the name of the theatre wrong. I was only six. It was the Christmas Pantomime show. We went most years after that.

2. Have you performed at the Hamilton Fringe Festival?
This will be my first Hamilton Fringe Festival experience. I’m honoured to be a part of it.

3. What inspired you this show?
This all started spring 2017 when I was invited to be participate in the Pickering Museum Fashion Show.  When I went for the fitting, I was offered several costumes, one of which was the Suffragette costume. I immediately jumped at the chance to wear the Suffragette clothing.


While I was dressing, I realized there were no women sitting on Pickering Council, and began thinking how I could change that? I have sat on Council and ran in several campaigns, and I knew how very difficult it is to raise above the entitlement of power the current Council has, and has had for years.

I believe the best way to have a better representation of women elected in Canada is to encourage and support women in their fight to be heard, from the local level up. A concept I call "DEEDS not WORDS"  from the candidates and the voters alike. This means hard, hard work. I take my inspiration from my Suffragette ancestors and share this with all who believe in equality for all.

4. How did you get involved with the festival? 
I had taken a One Person Show workshop from Anne Marie Scheffler and came away from that with information about the Hamilton Fringe Festival. When my name was drawn in the lottery, I was shocked and thrilled.


As I am getting closer to opening, I am both very excited and scared. I am a retired RN with a minor in politics, turned Fringe festival performer. What am I doing at the contemporary gallery in Hamilton? Well, I feel a bit like a fraud. I am encouraged by Anne Marie Scheffler: she is working closely with me and directing me to give the Festival the best show I can. And I am passionate, and that goes a long way. Anne Marie says my show is amazing.

5. How do you feel about this experience? 
I am very excited to be there. As Monty Python says:
"Now for something completely different!“ I never dreamed of such an experience.

6. Who should come to see my show?
Anyone interested in History and empowerment and equality of all people. 


Friday 20 July @ 7pm

Saturday 21 July @ 8pm

Sunday 22 July @ 2 & 8pm

Friday 27 July @ 9pm

Saturday 28 July @ 2 & 7pm

Sunday 29 July @ 7pm




More Than Just  Entertainment


Womens' rights are a priority for Eileen, and she is focused on the needs of the community. To Eileen, social responsibility dictates that she should stand up for the deeds of the past and ensure that everyone today understand the importance of voting. This show will take you on a journey to the past to better understand the needs of the future. 


"Did you know that it has only been 100 years since women were allowed to vote? What does a seat represent?





Eileen has served the Pickering community as a member of council  from 1991 - 1994. 

Born in Scotland, Eileen came to Toronto in 1973 where she served as a registered nurse and midwife.  She graduated from Ryerson with her B.Sc.N. and worked for over 40 years in local communities as a registered nurse.  She is the proud mother of three sons, and grandmother to three amazing grand daughters.