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A Message from Eileen

With 25 days left on the Campaign, we are in full swing here at Higdon campaign headquarters.

(852 Fairview Ave., Pickering, ON L1W 1M8. 416-505-1483)

I swear I was born with a mutated gene I love Election Campaigns! We've had two all candidates meetings this week. On Tuesday, the Durham Realtors invited us to their all candidates meeting. On Thursday morning we were invited to the Ajax Pickering Board of Trade breakfast meeting.

The Realtors were concerned with the Land Transfer Tax. All candidates agreed such a tax was not on the horizon.

Transit and Housing were other topics also brought up. No easy solutions here for developers and builders, all branches of government have to work together to seek solutions to both of these issues.

The Board of Trade group was concerned with our airport, style of leadership, vision for Pickering and taxes.


I do not support the airport.

Leadership style

The current Mayor allowed Councillor Dickerson to make election fundraising a personal revenue source for years, refusing to prosecute using the Compliance Audit mechanism laid out in the election financial part of the Municipal Act.

This election begins a new era; every municipality across Ontario has now been mandated to have a compliance audit committee in place prior to the election period beginning. These changes can be clearly connected Pickering Council past bad behaviour.

Being professional and clear in what I want for our great city, and what I want to see in the members of Pickering council. My vision includes gender equality. I speak about this at every opportunity I can.

No women currently sit on council! We need a gender and diversity balance of both men and women, to better represent the needs and challenging growth Pickering is going through.


I will call for an independent line-by-line audit of the 2018 budget in preparation in for the 2019 year.

After 16 years as Mayor the old boys club has to go. My goal will be to hold or lower the property taxes in Pickering and the region.

Together, we can make great changes happen!

-Eileen Higdon