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Modern Suffragette


Friday 20 July @ 7pm

Saturday 21 July @ 8pm

Sunday 22 July @ 2 & 8pm

Friday 27 July @ 9pm

Saturday 28 July @ 2 & 7pm

Sunday 29 July @ 7pm


Gallery #1: B Contemporary Gallery

226 James St. N, Hamilon


      The Show      

100 years have passed since women obtained the right to vote. But what has truly changed in the time since then?


This one-woman show that will take you on a journey back in time to learn first hand about the catalyst milestone known as the Suffragette movement.  You’ll enjoy a thought-provoking escapade with a little bit of science fiction to woo the mind!


This is Eileen’s debut performance for festivals, and she wishes to extend her gratitude to the committee and especially Rose Hopkins for this opportunity!

What began as an invitation to be a model with a museum grew to become a platform for change. The Suffragette Movement has always interested me, as I dressed I realized there were no women elected to Pickering Municipal Council. Talking about this I found many people were not aware of the Suffragette stories of hardship and sacrifice. I decided to try to make people aware of the Suffragette Movement; my goal is to encourage people to get out and vote and change the face of Municipal politics in Ontario.

I am very grateful for the support the Festival committee especially Rose Hopkins has given me to be part of this great event!




More Than Just  Entertainment


Womens' rights are a priority for Eileen, and she is focused on the needs of the community. To Eileen, social responsibility dictates that she should stand up for the deeds of the past and ensure that everyone today understand the importance of voting. This show will take you on a journey to the past to better understand the needs of the future. 


"Did you know that it has only been 100 years since women were allowed to vote? What does a seat represent?

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Eileen has served the Pickering community as a member of council  from 1991 - 1994. 

Born in Scotland, Eileen came to Toronto in 1973 where she served as a registered nurse and midwife.  She graduated from Ryerson with her B.Sc.N. and worked for over 40 years in local communities as a registered nurse.  She is the proud mother of three sons, and grandmother to three amazing grand daughters.